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How can I contact you?

Do you have any store locations?


Was my order shipped?

When will my order be shipped? How long does it take?

Can I track my order if I've got Free Shipping?

I made an order a couple of weeks ago but has not arrived yet...

My package is taking too long to get to me through shipping, I want my money back!

Custom Orders

Do you make custom orders?


What can I expect of these products?

What is the product process?

Do you wholesale? Can I buy to resell?

I don't see the leggings I want on the site :(

Exchanges and Returns

Can I exchange an item I have for another design I liked better?

Wrong size! It's too small/big for me and I need to exchange it for another size.

I need a refund.

I need to cancel my order / pre-order


Promotions: Instagram and social media models/promoters

I am an Instagram girl and I'd love to promote your products. Do you do collabs?

I am a model. Can I be part of your next photoshoot?


I am a photographer interested in shooting you.

Pre-Orders and Out of Stock

What is a Pre-Order?

Do you guarantee my item will ship on the promised date?

Can I combine products in stock and in pre-order?

Can I cancel a Pre-Order?


Band's signing

I have a band and we would love to have some Speed Clothes merch with our arts.


Merch Distribution

Can I distribute your product in my store?

Do you do consignments?

Who are your official distributors?

Speed Clothes Distribution

I have a small online store/business. Can I sell my products at