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Blood Feast Legions Worldwide

Posted on December 02 2016

Blood Feast Legions Worldwide

By Ariana Black

Today’s write-up will be primarily centered on the musical map of Blood Feast hailing from Bayonne, New Jersey and what better way to do it than through the just as evocative Speed Clothes merchandise?  With a name reminiscent of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ gorey cult classic, it comes as no surprise that the music is equally intense as the film and filled with the best of horror imagery. Blood Feast is exactly what you would expect out of a death-thrash band, however they take a step above and beyond, incorporating raw riffs and thunderous drumming. This music swarms with power to the point of it nearing gut-wrenching. The only proper way to play this band is LOUD.
Some live footage straight from the eighties time capsules
Funny enough this band has it’s roots in my very own home state, the land of Megaforce Records, Old Bridge Metal Militia, Misfits, East coast thrash like Whiplash and Overkill, and more metal filled history. Any hardcore collectors may recognized the band from either of the two classic eighties compilations Thrash Metal Attack and Speed Metal Hell, Vol 3. They currently destroy the stages at cherished venues that are home to the finest metal noise throughout the tri-state area. This includes noteworthy venues on the scene like Dingbatz, plus occasional appearances at foreign festivals like Headbangers Open Air. Only a few weeks ago did they take the stage with a personal favorite of mine and fellow Hell’s Headbanger signed band, BAT at New York’s metal stomping ground, Lucky 13s. Next year they will bring the noize with a third-full length album release which is bound to satisfy.
In Winter spirit these leggings came bundled in a true speed metal holiday boxing. One thing is certain, the attention to detail is a force not to be reckoned with, packaging and material-wise. On first impression, the bright blue dye serves as a contrast to the fiery hues that run down the leg area. In Blood Feast trademark, “Kill for Pleasure” the title of their debut full-length is emblazoned across the thigh areas. In relation to the electrifying guitar solos that are featured most prominently on Kill for Pleasure tracks like Cannibal, there is an electric feel that is emitted from the patterns on the leggings, reaching an overwhelming point (in the best sense possible that is). The centerpiece of this product is of course the ravishing mad skull featured on the actual album art. Not forgetting his compliments, an army of impaled skeleton figures, which are printed several times on the bottoms as well. It should join the ranks with other metal album mascots like Overkill's Chaly, Maiden's Eddie, and the ever amusing Johnny the seal from Riot. These leggings scream bloody gore and macabre all in one. Besides the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing, the material is incomparable to other garments I’ve worn, they are the holy grail staple for simply lounging around or kicking it at a show. Hopefully we can look forward to some Chopping Block leggings in the near future to fulfill our metal bloodlust. 


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