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TRUE METAL TALES: The Iron Maiden Curse!

Posted on February 22 2017

TRUE METAL TALES: The Iron Maiden Curse!

Iron Maiden LIVE in San Bernadino - September, 13th, 2013.



My best (or worst?) metal story would have to be when I went to go see Iron Maiden for the first time at the Battle of San Bernadino!! It was Friday, September 13th, 2013. I was Super fucking excited to see Maiden so I bought a Pitt ticket and went all out with a bunch of friends.


We pre-game in the heavy metal parking lot: We bought lots of beer and I over did it drinking since noon, not eating and in the heat.  I wanted to go in to see Anthrax begin, but when they started performing I didn't realize I was in the Pitt !! This shit got crazy!! Next thing I remember was my ass getting picked up to crowd surf... Let me remind you, I am only 4,11" short, a rather petite girl.

So, I was crowd surfing and suddenly: Bam! I lost a shoe right before they pushed me to the front. Security got me and they wouldn't let me go back into the Pitt, so they called the police. When Police came up and saw I was so wasted and wearing only one shoe they wouldn't let me go back into the action (the Pitt), so I started fighting the cops, refusing to Coroner they took me out the show and they got me with the taser, arrested me and took me to jail before I could even get to see Iron Maiden for the first time!!!!!


I actually didn't get to see Iron Maiden, I spent my weekend in jail and when they finally let me out of jail, I was with no shoes. I left and contacted my friends I went with , they thought I probably got drugged, raped and strangled and left in the desert to die, but Nah... I just went to jail.


In April of 2016 (past year), I've got to redeem myself at their last tour. I didn't drink at that show and actually enjoyed myself despite the fact I almost lost my Pitt ticket at that show in a Sizzler restroom across the street from the forum! I went back and the manager of the restaurant was holding it and luckily I went back and he knew it was me !!! I'm starting to think I'm Cursed seeing Iron Maiden every time!!!!


True metal story by: Alissa (25) CA, USA.


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