Lucifer's Heritage 1984-1986

Lucifer's Heritage 1984-1986

Lucifer's Heritage 1984-1986

In the year 1105, there were mentions of a tiny town in the outskirts of Deutschland by the then name Krinvelde. Let's fast forward a few decades or so, where Krivelde was changed to Crefeld until 1925 then changed again to what is known today as Krefeld: Where a mightier heritage was born! Lucifer's Heritage was founded in 1984 by members Markus "Macken" Dörk (rhythm guitar 84-86), Andre Olbrich (guitar) Hans-Peter-Fry (drums), and Hansi Kürsch (vocals, bass).

The first year of Lucifer's Heritage seems a little tremulous and a little funny because Macken had known Andre since they were about 13/14 years of age. Macken says in an interview that they did not like each other very much at first, for the first year or so, but then started to come closer with time. Andre laughingly states, " yeah because you beat me up! surprisingly he won, he was stronger in the early days". He gave him a pretty good beat-up, Andre stating that he had respected him a little more after their scuffle (lol). Bonding on the love of musicianship they decided to find a drummer (Frey). Where they would rehearse in Andre's mother's house in the basement. Macken said they had put a rehearsal room in it, and that was the day the band officially started. They decided to paint the wall the first day, excited about their new path not realizing....that something was affecting them making them feel a bit... crazy! Was it the newfound joy of a new band? The possibilities of their musical creativities? No! It was the damn paint!! They were obliviated by the lack of ventilation, stunned by the fumes and the high of the paint. That's pretty funny, and probably something most adolescence has had experience with,

Every rehearsal they had a tape deck they would record their sessions on. They manage to capture the fumes from the paint into their recording, hearing the confusion and chaos in their brains from the aftermath. Having a somewhat full lineup as a power trio, all three boys were familiar with each other. Hans-Peter- Frey however had no idea that Macken could sing or play instruments, jokingly neither did Macken. It was all about taking chances and at the time it worked well for them stated Frey. Later on, Andre said he found someone who can play bass and screams like the metal god Halford. That's when the boys brought in Hansi, Hansi was no stranger to the group. He had known Frey since he was about 11/12 years old and had previously met Macken from attending one of his shows at a church fest. Hansi says " it was deadly boring, then there was a heavy metal and even Macken agreed they were better than he was!" 

Hansi steps into the rehearsal room knowing and seeing Macken play, and hearing Andre play the 0/4 tape to him. Hansi was pleasantly surprised with the quality of music and the first time he realized he might be a metal guy! Which made him want to join the band even more, especially having Frey as the drummer and being acquainted for so many years. There must have been a sense of trust, comfort, and inspiration there, thus completing and giving birth to Lucifer's Heritage. 

Hansi recalls the days of rehearsal in a stinky ass room because Andre's mother's basement had no windows at all for ventilation and was tiny (sounds about right). The room still exists the way they had used it all those years, including the smell. But really how many of us musicians haven't been in a situation where all we had, was a tiny smelly room to jam in. Luckily they had the support of Andre's mother warding off police when they came over from complaints. They started their first demo recordings, with little to no equipment. Hansi recalls singing into Andre's little Roland amp and another little amp for his bass, which took him years to finally get his own equipment. Mainly uses his money to buy the records, some equipment, and some for partying naturally. Frey recalls rehearsing 4 or 5 times per week writing songs every time, that's a lot of commitment and passion. But also the room was so small they didn't have any room to party so it helped them focus on the music. As the rehearsal rooms progressed and enlarged they said they had more room for partying, can't have metal without some heavy partying! 

Being all so young, they made fun their priority. They weren't thinking about stressful things or what would happen with their songs. But they just did it because they were having fun, and were a group of friends essentially coming together with a common love for music. Noticing that passion had created some pretty righteous tunes, even without being so logical it was purely organic. It's funny hearing fellow artists and idols, talk about feeling insecure. Hansi said he was feeling insecure in the first round because he had never done anything like this before. Plus he was singing Macken's song, and to him, Macken did a great job. He hit the notes right and sounded like music to him, he thought what could I possibly bring to the table? But he was a punk kid, and loud noise was a comfort to him, however, he did not know about patterns or structure basically nothing. Still, he decided I'm going to give it everything I got, and it worked out just fine. Andre says before Hansi stepped into the band they had a more rockish sound like the classic-sounding rock old-fashioned if you might. Hansi was a big key, he just had that heavy metal/punk attitude that helped shape and progress LH sound. Introducing the rest of the band to "fast" bands and albums, and his vocals have a drive and aggressive approach due to his influences. Keeping the rest of his bandmates on their toes, catching up with him, and expanding their musical talents. All of a sudden they were really living heavy-speed metal life!

They proceeded on recording two demos. However without the help of original drummer Hans-Peter-Frey. For an unknown reason, he decided to leave the band at that time and was then replaced with Thomas "Thomen" Stauch till about 1986 (followed by an onslaught of wonderful musicians throughout the years). Where only two of the original members of Lucifer's Heritage would go forth and form what we all know today as the glorious Blind Guardian.


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