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Satyricon - Nowergian Black Metal

Posted on January 30 2018

Satyricon - Nowergian Black Metal



Satyricon is a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1991 in Oslo. Satyr and Frost have been the band's core members since 1993. The band's first three albums embody the Norwegian black metal style and they are of big importance in the scene:

Their Debut album "Dark Medieval Times" is what many consider to be an essential record for the second wave of Norwegian black metal movement. This is entirely justified! It is pure high-quality music creating a stunning atmosphere. 

The Shadowthrone,  their second album, it's more mature, hateful, and aggressive than past and future work of Satyricon. Let's say this is like their "finest hour". This album has acoustic breakdowns and some chanting choirs. Damn nordic!

In 1996, Darkthrone member Nocturno Culto became guitarist on the third full-length Satyricon album, Nemesis Divina. 

Rebel Extravaganza, Satyricon's fourth album, was released in 1999. During this period Satyr drastically changed his look by shaving off his hair, as seen in the photoshoot for the album as well as their live performances around this time. 

Now, Diabolical is the sixth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. It was released on 17 April 2006, through Roadrunner Records, and is the cover art we feature in our official Satyricon leggings!!

... And like that, they kept doing metal and recording albums. They recorded their ninth full-length studio album titled "Deep Calleth upon Deep", which was completed in Summer 2017 and was released on 22 September. Frost has stated in recent interviews that once the new album is released, they will then complete work on their first ever covers album. The covers album was titled "Formative Oddities" and the band is aiming to complete and release it this 2018.
Satyricon is still proudly active, making black metal for all of us. They're currently about to make a tour which includes USA and Canada, so please go to check when they're gonna be in your city and go have a Nordic blast!!!


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