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ULTRA METAL: Euronymous into Colombian Extreme Metal (?!?!)

Posted on March 01 2017

ULTRA METAL: Euronymous into Colombian Extreme Metal (?!?!)


In Colombia, people use the term "Ultra Meta" when it's about extreme metal music. This movement had a huge impact in Colombian 80's metal scene. In those years my country wasn't safe; violence, drug-war, killings, torture and assaults were an everyday reality here, and those were the main topics Ultra Metal bands would talk about in their lyrics.


Mauricio, better known as "Bullmetal" (RIP) used to be a Metal Encyclopedia. This guy purchased LPs from all over the world - keep in mind in those years internet wasn't a thing = at some point he owned more than four thousand albums! One day he brought the infamous "DeathCrush" from the USA, and inside the LP jacket there was a letter from the mythic Euronymous - Mayhem - that said: "Please contact me, send me a Letter, no matter what country you're from." They started a close relationship. 

Euronymous was very interested in South American extreme metal bands because he knew these countries had a lot of social problems and, in his point of view, this was useful to produce hard and hateful music. Bullmetal started playing music: His band "Masacre" sounded like the purest death metal but with a hint of black metal influenced by Mayhem and other Scandinavian bands. Mayhem had great respect for some Colombian bands like Parabellum and Reencarnacion. 

I was 13 years old when I discovered Masacre: Hateful band singing about death. When I researched for their history and found out this relationship with the Norwegian people, I was truly shocked that all of this happened in my city: Medellín, Colombia. And that also, some of my cousins, who lived in the 80s, knew this guy, talked to him, and went to his house.

In 2015, with only fourteen years old, I got wasted in a Masacre show, and while I was headbanging like no one ever did, my head crashed against an amplifier, and I started to bleed. Right after that, the singer, Alex, handed out the microphone for me to sing "Death Metal Forever" so I went on stage. No seriously, a fourteen years old. Now, I'm about to turn sixteen - still pretty fuckin young! - and I'm honored cause I'm a very good friend of the band. They've told me stories about Mayhem (corroborating my story), about their past members, and some real pagan stuff they did back in the days...

By: Tatiana (15, Colombia)

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  • Andrea: March 02, 2017

    I’m glad to read about this! Definitely South America played a huge role in the black metal world! Psd: I admire your English parce haha ;)

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