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NASTY SAVAGE: Turn up the Mayhem - Turn up the Night!

Posted on April 12 2017

Turn up the Mayhem - Turn up the Night!

By Metallian (Matt R.)

Hailing from South Florida, Nasty Savage are one of the most influential bands to the upcoming Death Scene that would blossom in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Influencing the likes of Deicide, Obituary, and Death they were a dominant group that gained a huge following all over the globe even getting to headline the infamous 1988 Metal Battle show in Poland which also featured the likes of Exumer and Atomkraft in front of a crowd of over 9,000 people! For most people, including myself, the first introduction to the group was their debut self-titled album, and it’s monumental debut in my opinion.

Signing with Metal Blade Records a mere year after releasing classic demos such Wage of Mayhem, Nasty Savage captured a quality of production and technical skill that could be compared to the likes of Iron Maiden throughout the classic record. The duo guitars of Ben Meyer and David Austin showed that Thrash Metal could be technically jam-packed and still sound vicious to the listener that pick up this monstrous record. The vocal delivery of Nasty Ronnie could be seen as one of the more unique aspects of the bands as he sounds insane reaching highs similar to that of King Diamond. For first time listeners to the band, like Mercyful or Manilla Road, it’s an acquired taste to get use the vocals but once you do you can truly appreciate what this band recorded.

From the opening haunting synths of “No Sympathy” that are reminiscent of cult 80’s horror soundtracks to kicking into the meat of the track as both guitarist riff and solo as Nasty Ronnie wails lyrics of barbarians lusting over one another. “Gladiator”, in my opinion, sounds like it could be the perfect theme for a wrestler to come out too, it’s also worth mentioning that Nasty Ronnie was involved in various wrestling promotions in the late 80’s. The cheesy lyrics are strong in this song, then again, they’re strong throughout this entire album. But they work for Nasty Savage! Singing about warriors in battle or the song “Asmodeus”, which details the story of the King of Demon’s rise and fall of power, and lustful sin of torture in the politically incorrect track “Dungeon of Pleasure” all just scream what I’d picture a band like Nasty Savage talking about while Nasty Ronnie wears his spiked armor and breaking TV monitors over his chest. “Metal Knights” has become an anthem to Metal fans screaming the ritual many individuals go through getting ready to attend shows and slay those that chose to pose at these shows!


Too many rockers, posers, and fools Must have fun, to break all their bones!!


From beginning to end, this debut is an absolute banger, and caught fire among many underground radio shows back when it was as local DJ’s helping spread the Wage of Mayhem that Nasty Savage was giving to the masses! When I first was suggested to give this album, a listen from my friend Jaime Gonzalez (RIP) working at a record store in 2010 was still in High School and exploring more underground Heavy Metal. This album has since then become one of my all-time favorite albums because of how impactful it was to me, for weeks it stayed stuck in my CD player as I replayed in over and over my Junior year of High School! Over 30 years later this one is still beloved by many and if you’re looking for something to fulfill you need of cheesy mid 80’s Metal, look no further and seek this beast out!


  • Wally hlborne: July 09, 2017

    Hey man ,nasty savage is #1,but uh,if you gave it a listen in 2010, seriously now 30 years later it would be 2040. Just saying,but they are an will always be the godfathers of metal from fuckking riverview FL my home town(south Tampa)but your a young un man ,they ruled in the80S period!good to see people appreciating true talent in these copy cat times thanks for your spin on the only band that ducking mattered back then,whew!yeah it’s personal .nasty f

    ucking savage!!!!!!!!

  • Wally hlborne: July 09, 2017

    Hey man ,nasty savage is #1,but uh,if you gave it a listen in 2010, seriously now 30 years later it would be 2040. Just saying,but they are an will always be the godfathers of metal from fuckking riverview

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