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Venom Inc - Welcome To Hell LEGGINGS


Designer: Speed Clothes

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Official and limited edition Venom Inc.  "Welcome To Hell" leggings.

Venom Inc. is comprised of ex-Venom members Mantas (guitar), Abaddon (drums), and Demolition Man (bass, vocals). Venom is considered to be one of the pioneers of black metal, but those who argue that categorization will often agree that they helped spearhead the NWOBHM movement, as well as being forefathers of the speed metal genre.

Today, Venom Inc. is their own musical beast, playing Venom classics and original material, with a clear distinction from Cronos' current incarnation of Venom. Venom Inc. is currently touring in support of their new studio album, "Ave", released August 2017 on Nuclear Blast Records.


Material: 4-Way stretch Spandex (88% Polyester 12% Spandex)

Models wearing size X-Small. 
Mannequin wearing size Small.



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