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Illustration Contest

Hello there! We are excited to announce we are making a third illustration contest!

If you're an artist and you support our brand, then this is for you! We are looking for the best illustrations made by real heavy metal maniacs around the globe! 

Your submission must be an ORIGINAL ARTWORK made by you and only you. The illustration has to be unpublished, unsold and unused for merchandising purposes, and you must own all the rights of it.

This year theme/concept: Death

  • Free style, medium & technique.
  • Black and White or Colored.
  • No age restriction. No country restriction. 
  • Old contestants can participate again!


  • What you have to do:

You gotta send an ORIGINAL ARTWORK to our email (2000x3000 pxls required - 300 dpi preferred) before September 30, 2019 at 23:59 hrs. US/Canada eastern time.

  • What we are looking for:

We are looking for deep creativity, technical talent and understanding of the heavy metal movement, as well as the aesthetics that it has, by being immerse in the scene yourself as a total die-hard maniac. Make sure to have a concept and express it the best you can on your canvas, considering the theme of this year.

  • Who will be the winners:

We are going to select the three best artwork submissions (two winner selected by the people and one by us). We will select the winners considering technique, composition, theme and overall illustration, in a big picture. How will your art look on fabric? Did you considered patterns, shapes and cuts once printed on the fabric? An artwork made especially for our designs will be a big plus.

  • Three (3) winners will get:
  1. $150 Payment deposit
  2. $150 Speed Clothes credit
  3. A page in our site promoting you and your work! (if wanted)
  4. Flyers promoting the products with your art, including your links, info and story in all our orders for a whole year! (If wanted)
  5. Samples of products produced with your art.


  • Time Frames and Deadlines:

September 30, 2019: Last day to send your artwork

October 1-15, 2019: People's voting for best artwork.

October 17, 2019: Winners will be announced via e-mail and all around social media.

Collection will be out on November 30th, 2019. Right before Xmas!


Send your illustration to:

Deadline: September 30, 2019 


Past contest winners: