Speed Clothes was created by Tanza Speed, vocalist of speed metal bands Demona, Outline and Aphrodite, in October 2011.  Currently she's on charge of the creative department only.


"In 2011 I moved to Quebec, Canada. I was broke, new to the town and I didn’t speak the language. I taught myself how to sew for fun, by fixing big manly shirts I saved over the years, but I also had a desire to follow in the footsteps of my grandma and mom, by turning my vision into a full-time operation, and it was like that how I started selling my first handmade items that same October. In 2012 I made my first printed swimsuit on spandex and things started to change.


In 2015 I moved to the USA, where I got married. Soon the business took off! I invested all I had - and more - in Speed Clothes to satisfy every girl's demand, and I keep doing that. I work hard to make this work given that I'm not only selling products, I'm also taking care of other areas like marketing, promotion, design, graphics, website development, newsletter, modeling, photography, customer service, manufacturing, dealing with bands, labels, merchants, and so on.


In 2020 I sold the company to a known die hard metalhead, renown in the metal merchandising world. The company is slowly transitioning to his command.


I believe metal girls should have a bigger and better wardrobe selection, with clothing capable of highlighting their best attributes. My goal was to do something for the metal scene while empowering women of steel to dress as they please... With confidence and no shame to be who they want to be! As Mauro G from Bonded by Blood said, "All women are worthy of looking hot without sacrificing brutality.”


-Tanza Fuckin’ Speed